The Chaotic Mind of a MCS Graduate

Once upon a time this blog was simply used to work through my personal thoughts about media's portrayal of Jesus Christ for my third year Christology Class.

However now that the class is over and done with I am free to use it for other purposes as I had originally attended to do so.

MBTI = INTJ; Enneagram: 6w5; Temperament: Phlegmatic; Strengths Finder: 1) Input, 2) Intellection, 3) Context, 4) Learner, & 5) Achiever.







In India, a snake protects two pups for 48 hours after they accidentally fall into a hole. At first it was thought that she wanted to attack them, but then noticed she was caring for the puppies. When rescued, the snake was released into a forest. 

It is impossible not to share it with you.

that snake is going to snake heaven

precious babies

I couldn’t help myself.


Neither could I

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